Sunday, October 9, 2011

Obligatory ReBoot Fanart Post

I want to keep this blog from being too fanart-y, but these paintings are so important to me that I have to post them. It's what most people know me for. Some of my best illustration/painting work is fan art, and the majority of the work I do outside of animation, schoolwork, and personal character designs is based on my favorite cartoon of all time. ReBoot. I've never been able to get tired of it; it's a bit of a guilty pleasure!

The first four were featured in ReBoot Forever, the second ReBoot artbook from Beach Studios. A call went out for anyone - fans, old crew members, established comic book artists - to submit art for the book's fan gallery. I originally thought only professionals were allowed to submit, until the editor messaged me asking to feature a few of these pictures! It was an honor to be featured and I'm so proud of being printed alongside some industry giants. It blows my mind.

Much love (and many apologies) to Alphonse Mucha. :)