Friday, June 15, 2012

SPE and Movies from the Hill

Two surprise updates for Coyote. Back in March it played at the SPE Film Festival in San Francisco, specifically in the Women's Caucus Film Festival (I had no idea it even played out there... huh). And more recently it played at the outdoor Movies from the Hill festival in Norristown, PA. Thumbs up all round!

Sound Places Virtual Festival

Each person in our sound design class was required to submit his or her final project to this festival (or else we wouldn't pass the class at all). And mine actually got in.

But... but I'm not a sound designer! ... Unless... um...


Ah well.
That's still pretty darn cool.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Facial Animation Final - Salieri's Plan

Final project for our facial animation and lipsynching class. We had to choose a short voice clip to animate to. I picked one of my favorite performances of all time...

Sound Design Final - Colorblocks

I took a sound design course as one of my final classes at Penn. Our final project was completely open-ended, so I used the opportunity to do another animation, but something more abstract this time around. Several people suggested I should look into doing video graphics for electronica concerts. Which I think would be completely awesome. And super easy – this took me about two days, max. It was fun. :)