Monday, October 10, 2011

Selective Echo Blog - Utah Arts Festival

How the Coyote got his Cunning was featured at this year's Utah Arts Festival in Salt Lake City, and a visitor outlined some of the entries of the show on his blog. Nine different showings, based on the Nine Muses, were the basis of the festival, and Coyote was put in the Comedy section, which was entirely kid friendly — the selections of which were determined by the curator's own kids!


This provided the ideal opportunity for Horman to give the Art Yard its first kids’ version of Fear No Film. A half-hour screening of seven clever, cute, and whimsical pieces will screen every hour while the venue is open. All the films are suitable for children ages three and older. Horman screened the selections with his children, who gave their rousing endorsements.

All of the selections are as charming as one can imagine ... [including] ‘How the Coyote Got His Cunning,’ a definitive example of soundly executed old-school animation from Pennsylvania."

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